Dr.Sunil Shah Eye Surgeon

Dr. Sunil Shah is an Ophthalmologist based in Ahmedabad, specialising in phacoemulsification for cataract removal. Dr. Shah started his private practice 20 years ago with the launch of his eye hospital at Maninagar. Five years later he opened a second hospital at Sabarmati. Dr. Shah completed his undergraduate and postgraduate medical studies and training at the Government Medical College in Surat. During his residency at this institution he was assigned rotational duties in various specialty units, and gained considerable exposure to a wide range of surgical procedures such as squint surgeries (resection-recession, myomectomies); trabeculectomy, trabeculotomy, laser procedures (iridectomy and capsulotomy); cataract surgery (ICCE and ECCE) with intra-ocular lens implants; retinal detachment surgery and vitrectomy; and, surgery for disorders of the eyelids and orbit (ptosis, ectropion, entropion, proptosis, chalazion, pterygium), etc. Dr. Sunil Shah subsequently specialised in the latest technology for cataract surgery - phacoemulsification. He has been practising phacoemulsification exclusively since 1997 and has successfully performed over 25,000 surgeries. He has also been practising the latest topical anaesthesia (painless/patchless) methodology for cataract removal. Dr. Shahs two hospitals have ultra-modern amenities, as follows: Zeiss Operating Microscope - Lumera-I Alcon phacoemulsification system – Infinity Ozil with Autosert Zeiss Optical Biometer (A-Scan) IOL Master-500 Alcon A- Scan (emulsion), Rx OCU Scan Nidek Autokeratorefractometer ARK-510A Nidek Non-contact Tonometer Shin Nippon Topographer Slit-lamp, Keratometer, direct-indirect Ophthalmoscope Zeiss HD OCT Cirrus 500/ Zeiss Humphery Visual Field Analyser. [-]