Mahadev Eye Care

Mahadev Eyecare Laser Centre has the credit of establishing worlds the best Excimer Machine MEL 80 (Zeiss-Germany) in Ahmedabad-Gujarat. Childrens Eye Hospital in IndiaIt can correct 1D in few seconds only, and it is the Excimer Laser in the world which is US FDA approved. We were the First team of Doctors to perform this surgery to bring this technology into the eastern Ahmedabad-Gujarat. Till date we have performed more than 1300 laser vision correction by Lasik Laser, Wavefornt method, Epi-Lasik, Lepto Lasik, LASEK and PRK method.The doctors of this centre enjoy the reputation of being pioneer in the field of Refractive surgery in the eastern Ahmedabad-Gujarat. We have the best and fastest Excimer Laser Machine in the world. V+ eye Laser Centre was incorporated in April 2010 and during the short span of one and half years it has credit of performing more than 1300 eyes by Lasik and Wave Front method along with PTK procedure, complicated refractive error induced by RK procedure, residual refractive error of pseudo Phakic eyes etc. It is centrally located, very specious with ambience of corporate office. We have the credit of installing first of its kind and only in eastern Ahmedabad-Gujarat High Resolution OCT- (Zeiss) tomography machine which will help us to diagnose anterior & posterior Keratoconus, 3-D scan to analyze anterior chamber, flap thickness. Corneal densitometry can be conducted by 3-D scan. We are the only centre in the eastern Ahmedabad to have UVX to treat Keratoconus by corneal cross linking method. We are performing EPI-LASIK Procedure on the patients having very high number with thin cornea on regular basis aided by Mitomycin-C 0.02%.