Mungale Eye Hospital

Mungale Eye Hospital (MEH) was established on 24th June, 2007 in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Presently MEH is well-equipped with entire range of state of art diagnostic, curative and latest technology surgical equipment required to treat eye patients. Mungale Eye Hospital is a joint venture by two young ophthalmologists Dr Meeta Mungale and Dr Sachin Mungale. MEH was started in the year 2011 on the auspicious day of Vijayadashmi at a new location. The location of MEH is in the heart of Baroda city at Kothi which was decided due to the referral patients it caters to from various areas of Gujarat and neighboring states of MP and Rajasthan. Ophthalmology which deals with the study of eye diseases has made dynamic advances in the last century. It now has expanded to various subspecialties which deal with various parts of the eye e.g. cornea, retina, glaucoma, squint, pediatric, oculoplasty etc. This concept is novel to our country which lacks even the primary care. To cater to the requirement of dealing with complicated cases these doctors were inspired to undergo world class training at accredited institutes in the country. One of these is the prestigious L.V.Prasad Eye Institute at Hyderabad where both have done a rigorous long term fellowship. MEH is always there to serve each and every patient by providing the same standard of eye care. It is managed by highly qualified, skilled, competent and motivated eye specialists Dr. Meeta and Dr. Sachin Mungale with the support of staff members who play active role in treating walk-in-patients every day. Dr Meeta is a corneal surgeon and deals with all corneal and anterior segment problems whereas Dr Sachin is a glaucoma expert. Vision & Mission of MEH MEH is a referral centre for complex cases of cornea and glaucoma, providing quality eye care at affordable prices. Honesty, compassion and excellence are the values which drive us in the pursuit of the goal of “SIGHT FOR ALL”.The motto of ‘vision for all’ is the principle that guides us in helping all our patients including the needy ones.