Dr Raman Handa Eye Hospital

HOSPITAL Dr. Raman Handa Eye Hospital is a Premier Institute of Western India. Though we cover General Ophthalmology but our main areas of Focus are Phaco Surgery, Antiglaucoma Surgery, Refractive Surgery,Squint Surgery, Ocular Injuries etc. Our Strength lies in our dedication and sincerity towards the Patient and Profession. We have a highly motivated staff to carry out the activities. Since last 24 years and more we have treated patients from all corners of India as well as the Globe. High quality medical care is made available at the hospital to our patients coming from around the world. We have the best medical equipment [surgical as well as diagnostic]. We have successfully operated and provided world class care and results to a large number of patients [More than 15 thousand surgeries performed between 1995-2011].As the Phaco surgery can be done through a small opening of 2.5mm,no hospital stay is required and the patient is immediately discharged and can resume his routine from the next day. We offer highly competitive Package charges for all Eye surgeries. Patients from all the strata of the society can easily afford our Phaco Surgery Packages. Dr. Raman Handa Eye Hospital is on the panel of following organizations: ONGC Ltd. [since 1988] Gas Authority of India ltd. [since 1988] All leading third party administrators.