Para Medical Council Of Gujarat

The International Hypnosis Association (IHA) was created to maintain an international register of professional hypnotists and online hypnosis courses that are subject to a single Code of Ethics. Due to hypnosis being unregulated in most countries, states and territories, there is a noticeable lack of consistency in the standards of professional practitioners and certification courses. A number of associations and organisations attempt to enforce some form of conduct in their members, however without there being any central governing body, these standards can vary greatly. The IHA attempts to amalgamate individual practitioners and certification bodies under a single Code of Ethics. We also attempt to examine and review online hypnosis courses and determine their validity as a means of studying and learning hypnosis. Without there being any regulatory bodies to ensure the standards of online courses, there is no way to ensure that said courses will teach hypnosis in a pure and applied manner. As a policy, we generally do not recommend any form of hypnosis that advocates reiki, spiritualism, paranormality or any other discipline which cannot meet scientific scrutiny. We believe in the advancement of hypnosis in its pure and applied form alone. Our aim is to provide a list of hypnosis courses and certification bodies that adhere to our Code of Ethics. We believe that the interests of the client should come first, and thus any individual looking for the services of a hypnotist, or a hypnosis course or certification body, are recommended to view our register of approved members. Whilst we make no endorsement as to the quality, accreditation or professional ability of any practitioners, courses or certification bodies listed within our register, we do strive to ensure that all such entities meet our Code of Ethics at the time we grant membership to the said entity. If you believe any member of the association is failing to maintain our Code of Ethics, then please submit a report and we shall review it in a timely manner.