Spandan School For Mentally Challenged Children

Too often, affordable services for the care and education of children with mental disabilities are not readily available. The Banyan City Jaycees Education Trust has endeavored to fill this need through Spandan. The aspirations of special children range from being able to tie a shoe lace on their own, being able to feed themselves or even dress themselves. Beginning with only 12 children and 2 special educators in 1975, Spandan has grown into an integrated facility. We now offer various specialized therapies and 10 different programs for both physical and mental development, all available in a centralized location and at a subsidized rate. We at Spandan look upon every special individual as someone who can realize their full potential and become happy, useful members of society. Under the one big dream of seeing each child become an independent adult, the vision of Spandan is providing holistic developmental education to children with special needs. Our dedicated team of special educators, therapists and support teams wrap their professional knowledge with love, care and concern to provide the right education, training and experiences to increase the emotional, physical and mental well being of the special child. Our individualized, comprehensive programs facilitate independence and social interaction, cognitive growth and communication skills. Our interdisciplinary team reinforces students learning, as teachers collaborate with skilled physical, occupational, speech and recreation therapists to achieve IEP goals.